Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-Out:My favorite place to....

My favorite place to get my espresso fix:
I'll have a 16 oz Dirty Debbie, please. That is an Americano with steamed half-n-half, raw sugar, and topped with whipped cream.
My favorite place to volunteer:
My favorite place to be on a Friday night in the fall:

I love that I have a bay view while watching a high school football game. GO WILDCATS!

My favorite place to get a book:

My favorite place to eat out:

I only photographed the sign because the restaurant had a fire and is temporarily closed. There is a giant ugly dumpster out front. I can't wait for them to re-open - they are very missed!

My favorite place to get a sandwich, specifically a Sweet Maui Onion Pork Sandwich:
This is The Mermaid Deli, home of the yummiest sandwiches.

My favorite place to run:

I am training for my first 5K and I love to run on this trail. You can't beat the beach view.
Here is my daughter having a peek at me with the bay behind her. This shot reminds me of the viewfinder in Toy Story! **Update - Actually, Kent is right - it looks like Wall-E!

These are the places, outside of home & work, where I spend the most time, though not necessarily in order!! I didn't take a picture of my very favorite place to be because it isn't very pretty, but it would have to be my bathtub with a coffee and a good book!
Thanks for looking!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Animals (Domesticated)

Friday My Town Shoot-Out was started by Patty & Reggie Girl to show off their towns and took off from there. Fifty people now participate in showcasing their towns via the different topics chosen each week. The assignment for September 18th was chosen by Sandy from Apache Junction, AZ. Check out her post at

I should probably duck and cover before I say that I am not much of an animal person.

Are you still there? Do you hate me? There's enough room in cyberspace for all of us, right?

A couple of years ago we got our daughter a wascally wabbit for her birthday. Meet Sweetie Pie:

She loves to chew on things (grrr) but snubs carrots in the house. She prefers to munch in the privacy of her cage. She'll allow you a snuggle but once you put her down, forget about catching her. She runs around and thumps her foot to let you know to leave her alone! She is house trained :) and enjoys snuggling into her pink toile bed.

My neighbor is a cat lover. She has no less than 4 cats at all times and mothers any strays that come her way. Unfortunately I think someone has figured that out because the cats keep coming!

I think this is Dahlia - most of them look alike so I'm not totally sure.

I think her cats are cute, I don't mind seeing them poking their heads out of the bushes along the driveway or hanging out in her driveway. However, the evidence my son found in my backyard while playing football, I do mind!

The picture I really wanted for this post is eluding me. I have a sweet elderly neighbor who stands out near the road with his dog several times a day. At least he did until I needed a photo of him. I held out on posting this because I was sure I'd catch him this morning but I haven't. If he is out there this afternoon I will add the shot later!

**UPDATE: Here is my sweet neighbor and his baby, Poco.**

Aren't they adorable?
Thanks for looking!

Friday Shoot-Out

Animals (Domesticated) coming soon...come back in a few hours!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Aged & Weathered

Today's theme, Aged & Weathered is the brain child of Pauline. There are a couple of shots that I really wanted for this week but I had a flat tire today and wasn't able to go get them. Maybe they'll fit into a future post. You can hop on over to to see what she came up with.

Now a residence, this was once property of the Coast Guard. You can see the sign still hangs on the side. It is definitely aged & weathered. See the moss on the roof?! I wish I could remember the history on this place.

Here are some old bottles in an old window of an old house.

I don't know how comfortable I would be boarding this boat. It is an old wooden commercial boat that has seen better days.

Thanks for stopping by! I love your comments. Also, see the camera for a list of other participants in this photo scavenger hunt that shows off our hometowns.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Windows & Doors

Friday My Town Shoot-Out is a weekly photo scavenger hunt. Each week someone picks a theme and we venture out into our town to showcase that theme in our town. Thanks to Kerri at for this weeks theme: Doors & Windows. It is fun to look at my town with a different perspective and really take note of things I normally don't pay attention to.
Here are some windows on our Maritime Museum, which was originally our Coast Guard Station. The gabled dormer windows are beautiful. You shorter building is all windows to display whale skeletons, among other things of interest.
This cuppola, which is being guarded by a seagull, was made to look old. This is part of a new building built to exhibit a lighthouse lens on the museum grounds. I'd love to see the view from these windows!
Across the street from the museum I spied a boat with a pretty cool door - love the porthole and the shape of it.
Around the corner, a now closed restaurant that was once a very popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Their windows are adorable with the red shutters and lace curtains.
This photo is from our derby booth, run by the Westport Charterboat Association. The window is full of derby results and photos of great catches. This is for you, Gordon!
A wooden commercial fishing boat with old windows encased in wood.
Before we leave the marina area, I thought I'd show you some giant doors. This is one of the Westport Shipyard buildings. They build big beautiful yachts for the rich and famous and need big doors to get those babies out when it is time for sea trials.
A door that reflects our area:
These are windows of one of the oldest homes in the area. They have a beautiful bay view from these windows.

Here is another old house that seems to have been abandoned. You can see two old doors through the window.

My mom likes old windows. I think she wanted this one built into their little shed but that didn't happen so she hung it on the outside!

Last week I showed you a photo of our lighthouse from far away, on the beach. Here is a close-up of the windows at the top, where a lens once rotated to prevent shipwrecks.

Thanks for taking a tour of doors & windows in the Westport area with me!