Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out: Faces

Better late than never, right? I took my laptop to my in-laws' but they didn't have wifi (gasp!) so I was out of luck with posting over the Thanksgiving holiday.
This is the serious face of a soccer player. My daughter, Liz, waits to return to her position as a defensive forward.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out: Premiere Attraction

Sorry this is late. I am tired, have had a stormy week with gusts up to 80 mph and power outages, have a sick kid....Ok, I'll quit whining and get to my town's number one draw! Of course, it is the beach. Sadly, when you live at the beach you don't go as often as one would think!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


My apologies...I did not do a shoot-out this week. I'm tired, tired, tired and have had a busy week. I look forward to seeing everyone's beautiful church shots and I wish I had one to share! I go to church every Sunday but didn't have a single shot in my archives. This is the first week since I started FSO that I haven't posted :(

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Shoot Out: Skylines

One of the things I hate about blogger is that I can't cut & paste in my post...or at least I haven't figured out how to do it. So go here to read about this week's theme, Skylines.

If you are familiar at all with the weather we are having here in the PNW you will know that these photos were not taken this week. We have had rain, wind, thunder & lightening, and combine that with high tides and a big swell today for flooding as well. So to the archives I go!

This skyline is the dock area, taken from a dock.

Here is another shot at the docks showing where the crabbers/shrimpers/fisherman offload their catch, as well as some private and charter boats.

This shot was taken at Bottle Beach, looking back to Westport.

This is from Bottle Beach as well, looking inland.

If you enlarge this one, you can see that my kids are watching Coast Guard maneuvers out on the bay. You might be able to see the Olympic Mountain range as well.

This skyline shows the hills behind Grayland, which is a gathering spot in case of a tsunami.

This skyline shows the South Jetty, separating the Pacific Ocean and the Grays Harbor bay.

Thanks for checking out the skylines of the Westport, WA area.
Comments are most welcome!