Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out: Favorite Things

Bagman is at it again, making me laugh out loud with his description of his choice of shoot-out themes...

"....Aside from the fact that I can't quite remember the words to These are a few of my favorite things and so I'm loudly singing, "Rainbows on lollypops, birds of a feather; gingersnaps, sourkraut don't go together, when I fly kites I hold tight to the strings, these are a few of my favorite things!" fits with the music. Go ahead sing it out loud and see!"

Thanks, Mark! Here are a few of mine...

My favorite football coach, and husband, waiting anxiously for the refs to make their call. I really love that this shot shows his intensity. I can't figure out how/why I ended up with some Html showing:(

My daughter (on the left) and her friend, her teammate, her confidante. I'm thankful she has found someone who shares her morals and values and who isn't older than her years at the age of eleven.

My son has won the Pumpkin Race every year and the pressure gets higher each year to maintain this winning streak. He takes it seriously...I am sparing you the picture of him throwing up as he crosses the finish line. He pushes himself that hard. Think he might be a little competitive?!

I love that my Coast Guard friends, from Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado, are embracing our lifestyle here and learning to dig razor clams in the dark. What troopers! This picture is a favorite of mine.

Finally, I wanted a shot of my favorite drink on the counter of the stand but my week did not happen as planned - do they ever?! So I am settling for a shot of the menu from the archives that shows "The Original Dirty Debbie". It is an Americano with raw sugar, half-n-half, whipped cream and another sprinkling of raw sugar on top. It is a taste of heaven and my weakness.